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The Mio Fuse review

Wellness groups have part into two unmistakable gatherings: those with plan and usefulness that interests to competitors and no-nonsense sportspeople, and those that focus on a more in vogue, engaging outline for regular wear. While groups from any semblance of Jawbone, Misfit, and Xiaomi fall into the last mentioned, it's groups from Garmin, Polar, Mio, and Adidas that are best known for the previous.
Mio Fuse

The Mio Fuse wellness band needs to sit somewhere close to these two camps, nearby gadgets from Fitbit, by offering 24-hour following with pulse checking, and skirting the ruffles that divert you from the undertaking of getting fitter. We've been wearing it for seven days to check whether it truly can connect the gap.


Looks generally isolates these two wellness band styles. Super thin and lightweight models like the Jawbone Up2 are an altogether different ordinary wear suggestion than a powerful Garmin Vivoactive, for instance. The Mio Fuse partitions supposition. It's a thick, crazy arm ornament with a cool LED light readout, similar to the Polar Loop or the old Nike FuelBand. The tie has a wristwatch-style fasten that connections with the gaps that run the distance around, giving it impressive adaptability, however the gadget itself is substantial and watches strange on little wrists.

The style implies it looks incredible when combined with polished exercise apparatus, and I felt like a genuine master wearing it to the rec center, where it fits in superbly. Wearing it with a suit looks and feels abnormal — not as strange as neon green tennis shoes with your best Zegna suit, yet something clandestinely odd, such as wearing a pressure vest under your dress shirt. It's a lively search for energetic kinds.

The silicone is superbly delicate, gives off an impression of being exceptionally hardwearing (it looks fresh out of the box new after over seven days of utilization) and is to a great degree agreeable to wear. Despite the fact that the show area is huge, its bended shape guarantees it cheerfully fits under a shirt sleeve. We've been wearing everything day and throughout the night — yet in spite of the considerable number of positives, it's not so much perfect. It's basically too huge, and at 39 grams, very substantial for a throughout the day wellness tracker. It feels like a wristband made for wellness oddities to track particular exercises, with rest and step checks attached, instead of the entire bundle being outlined that path from the earliest starting point.

Highlights and show

On the off chance that the Mio Fuse's outline befuddles, its usefulness is splendidly clear. It checks your means and calories consumed, measures remove secured, tracks your rest, and tells your pulse. No warnings, savvy cautions, or GPS here. Some think about these diversions, others basics. With the Fuse, Mio unquestionably needs to keep you centered.

It's a thick, crazy arm jewelery with a cool LED light readout.

The outcome is compelling. There are three catches to control the LED screen: One on either side to look through the data, and a middle catch to actuate the pulse sensor and begin an exercise. Selected by braille-like dabs, the catches are not entirely obvious, and for some time I was swiping over the faceplate suspecting that was changing the show, before understanding my misstep. Holding down the two catches initiates rest mode, which expands precision over auto rest location however is anything but difficult to overlook.

Tapping the catches looks through the time, steps, separation, calories, and rate towards your objective. You can quit demonstrating everything except the time, on the off chance that you favor. The LED readout is red, which is brilliant (and coordinated the feature shade of our band). We had no issue seeing it in solid daylight, and the characters are sufficiently huge to be looked at while on the treadmill or out running.

Under the body is an optical pulse sensor, which works nearby Mio's own particular calculations to give what it claims is an exceptionally exact readout. It reliably gave indistinguishable outcome from the Apple Watch and the Xiaomi Mi Band. Like those wearables, it's additionally considerably more advantageous showing some kindness rate sensor on your wrist than folded over your chest.

Application and preparing

The Fuse matches up with the Mio Go application, where you actuate particular exercises going from running, cycling, and strolling to broadly educating, swimming, paddling, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. To begin following an exercise, the band must be associated with the application, and the pulse sensor running. Here's the place the issues begin, in light of the fact that getting the Fuse connected to the application was a fantastic mission. The application typically observed the Mio Fuse, however would timeout while attempting to interface, consequently not adjusting information or giving you a chance to begin an exercise. This turned out to be such an issue, to the point that the Fuse declined to interface by any means. No measure of restarting the telephone, drive shutting the application, or swearing at it over and again influenced the damn thing to interface.

While I continued on, depending on recollections of association issues in the past with different gadgets that helped me investigate the Mio, standard individuals shouldn't have to issue tackle along these lines. The association issues kept on plagueing the Fuse, and simply in the wake of checking in with Mio completed a Bluetooth reset (putting the telephone in Airplane Mode and restarting) ensure an association. From that point forward it has been sensibly dependable, yet such issues aren't satisfactory.

When it is working, the Mio Go application isn't the prettiest we've utilized, and doesn't resemble a completely fledged regular wellness application. It's solidly centered around your exercises. There's likewise a second Mio application that works with the Fuse called PAI, which remains for Personal Activity Intelligence. Information should be adjusted between the two applications and the Fuse band, which is every one of the somewhat irritating; it would be unquestionably easy to understand if both turned into a solitary application. The PAI application's outline is likewise significantly additionally satisfying.

The PAI application helps us to remember Nike's Fuel metric. It's construct not exclusively in light of steps but rather on pulse and general action, and your objective is to achieve 100 PAI focuses every day. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you have an off-day, since it takes a gander at your score week by week, which means you have an opportunity to make up for lost time. The PAI metric is useful, and leaves all the wellness calculating to Mio, bringing about an objective that is intended to enable you to get fitter. You'll need to confide in Mio and PAI however, on the grounds that outside of the suggested every day accomplishment of 100 focuses, neither the PAI or Mio Go application gives some other input or inspiration.


Mio says the battery inside the Fuse will last up to seven days, with a hour of pulse checking every day, and this is steady with our discoveries. Without utilizing the pulse screen routinely, the Mio Fuse was prepared for an energize on the tenth day. That is a solid execution, effectively beating smartwatches like the Moto 360 Sport, and the generally superb Samsung Gear Fit 2, yet not coordinating especially control thrifty wristbands like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Guarantee and cost

Mio furnishes a one-year guarantee with the Fuse except if you purposely harm it. In the event that there is an issue with the band, Mio will repair it, supplant it, or discount the first cost. Joyfully the Mio Fuse is waterproof to 30 meters, so it ought to survive most experiences with the wet stuff, taking one of the primary stresses of wearable proprietorship away.

The Mio Fuse costs $119 through Mio's site, which places it in coordinate rivalry with the Fitbit Charge HR and the Adidas Fit Smart.


The Mio Fuse is a wellness tracker for truly lively composes, with goals of being a throughout the day wearable for the easygoing wellness fan — however it's too extensive and the product too convoluted to be in any way effective. The PAI application is fascinating, be that as it may, and the scoring framework can possibly be extremely inspiring. It truly should be made the default Mio application. The vast majority of all, the network issues should be tended to, generally it will be placed in a cabinet and overlooked.

While the Fuse doesn't fill in as an inside and out wellness tracker for everybody, it is a brilliant pulse screen, and it's extremely agreeable to wear amid sport. There's a distinct specialty for the Fuse — sharp competitors not stressed over day by day step checks, who are constantly dressed properly — and it's significantly less demanding to use than the Adidas Fit Smart.

Be that as it may, easygoing wellness fans will get more advantage from a littler wearable like the Fitbit Alta or Xiaomi Mi Band 2, or by picking the Samsung Gear Fit 2 or Moto 360 Sport smartwatch, for the most part since they're all less meddlesome to wear regularly, and the product is simpler to utilize.

Mio, the pulse checking authority, declared the Mio Fuse movement band over in Vegas at CES 2015.

The Mio Fuse is intended for BPM based preparing and takes advantage of the organization's legacy with optical pulse checking; and additionally as of now propelling its own particular gadgets, for example, the Link and the Alpha, you'll likewise discover Mio's sensors on board GPS running watches, for example, the TomTom Runner Cardio and the Adidas miCoach Smart Run.

Mio Fuse: Design and show

It's enormous. That is the main thing you think when opening up the Fuse box. At 30mm wide it's a reasonable piece chunkier than any semblance of the Fitbit Charge HR or the Garmin Vivosmart, despite the fact that it does at present weigh under 40g and is bounty agreeable on the wrist.

We say on the wrist – for more exact pulse readings amid exercises (more on that later) you ought to really wear the Fuse somewhat higher up your arm than you would a consistent wristwatch. This takes some becoming acclimated to and the normal form of your lower arm makes keeping up this position somewhat dubious.

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The Fuse really comes in two sizes – the water form is for little woman wrists and the red one is for masculine men. That is a huge speculation obviously. For reference, we had the water one slapped on our wrist for testing and it fitted fine and dandy.

The tie itself is made of delicate silicone and there's a lot of gaps bored in, which not just keeps your wrist cool, it likewise gives you a lot of measuring choices with regards to catching up.

The LED based show is brilliant, clear and responsive and you'll have no issues perusing through the different data and objective screens on offer. A fast tap on the raised spots either side of the show will raise the time and further tapping uncovers alternate measurements accessible to you.

There are no smartwatch warnings, even fundamental ones like approaching calls or text-based notifications, in spite of the fact that there have been a few whispers leaving Mio Towers that these capacities could touch base with a firmware update sooner rather than later.

Mio Fuse: Fitness following

Mio Fuse survey

The Mio Fuse is basically a bpm screen with a couple of wellness tracker highlights tossed in; including step checking, separate estimating and calorie consume guestimating (both resting and dynamic).

You'll see we didn't specify rest following. In spite of the fact that a future programming refresh is set to add it to the blend, it's absent from the Fuse at present. There's no altimeter either, so no stair checking from the Fuse.

What you will get is genuinely steady advance following – we observed the sums checked day by day to be more on a standard with the 'miserly' Withings Activité Pop than the more liberal Fitbit unit.

The separation recording is additionally entirely useful for a gadget not pressing GPS. Our 11km run recorded as 10.77km, which is a really amazing calculation controlled estimation.

Mio Fuse: Heart rate observing exercises

Mio Fuse audit

Not at all like the Basis Peak, Charge HR or Microsoft Band, the pulse observing isn't of the day in and day out assortment – it's just intended to be utilized amid exercises. Beginning an exercise from the band is sufficiently straightforward – it's a long press to start up the optical sensor and after that a speedy tap to begin the clock once your pulse has been recognized. You tap again to interruption or complete and you would then be able to alter the exercise compose in the application.

We know what you're supposing – why not simply leave the gadget in exercise mode all the ideal opportunity for nonstop bpm recording? Battery life is the appropriate response. We attempted this technique and the Fuse conked out after around 8 hours.

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One splendid part of the pulse recording, aside from its exactness, is by utilizing the enchantment of ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart availability, you can transmit your live bpm perusing to either another gadget, for example, a GPS running watch or a bicycle PC, or an outsider running application. The Mio Fuse plays pleasantly with an extensive variety of gadgets and applications – we had no issues matching up it up with a few Garmin running watches, and additionally with Runtastic and RunKeeper.

When you're in an exercise a glimmering hued light will disclose to you what zone you are in (you can decide on either a three or five zone preparing setup) and you'll additionally get a vibration buzz as you change between these. It's an exceptionally compelling strategy for bpm preparing and we even discovered it worked great in the pool – it's waterproof up to 30m.

Mio Fuse: The application

Mio Fuse survey

The application the Fuse synchronizes with, Mio Go, isn't the most exhaustive buddy we've utilized; with a title show demonstrating absolute exercise time, separation and calories and day by day breakdowns of details and exercise information.

Delving further into the exercises that have been recorded and you're given a diagram, a nitty gritty pulse chart and different midpoints and maximums – speed, pace, bpm, zone et cetera. It's fascinating and simple to utilize, if to some degree restricted.

We likewise found the matching part of the application to be somewhat unstable. Here and there it had our Fuse recorded three times – 'close-by', 'disengaged', and 'pausing' and the main way we could inspire it to synchronize was to expel the 'pausing' one and repair the one recorded as 'adjacent'. Somewhat irritating and this happened a couple of times (we were utilizing an iPhone 6 Plus, coincidentally).

Inside the application you can modify the request that measurements are shown, pick the every day objective target, stir up the LED ready frequencies and tell the Fuse what wrist you will wear it on.

Mio Fuse: Battery life

Battery life is extremely amazing on the Mio Fuse – we got over seven days of life from our own on one event, in spite of us wearing it along to two or three 1 hour runs.

We did, as specify, pound the battery by leaving an exercise mode on ceaselessly, yet for 'typical' utilize you can without much of a stretch hope to get the 6-7 days the Fuse makers guarantee from it.

Be that as it may, with regards to charging – it's truly cumbersome. The link and attractive catch is pleasantly compact, and even tucks in on itself. The inconvenience is however, it's small to the point that you can as a rule truly charge from a workstation USB port on a level surface. From the mains, you can't get the band to join solidly enough as it doesn't achieve the floor.

Mio Fuse

By Mio

The Mio Fuse is a tolerable wearable, with exact pulse observing, a simple to utilize application and an agreeable, if to some degree somewhat larger than usual, plan. On the off chance that you take a gander at it as basically a bpm based gadget with some movement additional items tossed in, it does the activity, in spite of the fact that the oversight of essential rest checking, warnings and quiet cautions are somewhat puzzling. At £130/$149 it's clashing with the more element pressed, and finish, Fitbit Charge HR however – so it's very difficult to completely prescribe it.


Precise pulse checking

Alright to use in the pool

Good battery life

A lot of outsider help


No rest observing

Cumbersome outline

No cell phone warnings

Matching is somewhat carriage

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