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Climbing Camming Device Review

Picking the correct climbing cams can be an overwhelming undertaking, particularly in case you're simply beginning to assemble your rack. We obtained 8 of the best brands and put them through thorough next to each other testing throughout a couple of months. A great many placements, we were set for locate the best climbing cams with the expectation of complimentary climbing and help moving, and in addition the best finger measure and smaller scale cams. We're here to enable you to select the privilege camming gadget for your fantasy climbs, regardless of whether they're the nonstop breaks in Indian Creek, taking off splitters in Squamish, or help lines high on El Cap. Through long stretches of hand sticking, ring locking, arm notwithstanding, and clench hand stacking, our analyzers have put each arrangement of cams through their paces, giving careful consideration to weight, camming reach, and solidness. We've observed which cams should be on your outfit and our audit can enable you to pile on and get out there.

Longing for splitters in the Creek? A first-time drink up El Cap? Thinking about how to spend your well deserved Benjamins on a cam for your stick? Our specialists threw rack after rack of all sizes to locate the most elite. The Black Diamond C4 Ultralight and Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution accepts the cake as our Editors' Choice honor victors, while the Metolius Ultralight Master Cam is the champ of our Best Bang for the Buck. At long last, the Totem Cams take the show with regards to help climbing.

Best Overall Medium and Large Camming Device

Dark Diamond C4 Ultralight

Dark Diamond C4 Ultralight Editors' Choice Award


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Range: .61-4.51 inches | Sling length: 3.75 inches

The lightest hand measured cams

Ergonomic thumb circle

Brilliant range


Dyneema stem may not keep going insofar as link

The Black Diamond C4 Ultralight is all that we cherish about the first C4s with a weight decrease of 25%. We were distrustful that these lightweight cams wouldn't hold up and additionally their forerunners, after numerous situations, a few falls, and stacking them in ungainly positions, they're as yet operational and keeping us off the ground. Regardless of whether you're racking huge amounts of cams for a long splitter or climbing a major divider, these lightweight cams will give you a major favorable position. Our analyzers oohed and ahhed over how light these cams felt on their saddles and were stunned that the number 4 Ultralight gauges the equivalent as a number 2 C4!

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Best Overall Small Camming Device

Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution

Editors' Choice Award


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Range: .33-1.3" inches | Sling length: 5.75 inches

Super adaptable stem


accessible in balance sizes

Delicate aluminum flaps not as solid as different cams

just accessible in small scale and finger sizes

The Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions take the light from the old CCH Aliens and make some huge upgrades on the great adaptable little camming gadget. Presently they're lighter than previously, the heads are considerably smaller, and they're accessible with the choice of an extendable sling. Accessible in six consistent sizes and five counterbalance sizes, these children are prepared to ensure stick scars, horizontals and flared splits, on account of their super adaptable stem. These are our most loved finger estimated climbing cams.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Metolius Ultralight Master Cam

Best Buy Award


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Range: .34-2.81" inches | Sling length: 3.75 inches

Adaptable stem

Restricted Head

Super lightweight

No thumb circle

On the off chance that the kevlar trigger links wind up harmed, no one but Metolius can supplant them

Strong, solid and made in the great ol' US of A, the Metolius Ultralight Master Cam brings home our Best Buy Award. These climbing cams have a more adaptable stem than the Camalots and are accessible in bigger sizes than the Aliens. Lightweight and minimal, these cams are awesome for snow capped climbing or at whatever point you have to shave ounces of your unit. Despite the fact that our analyzers regret the loss of the thumb circle from the first Master Cams, regardless we adore them for their extraordinary activity, aircraft development, and limited head width.

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Top Pick for Aid Climbing

Totem Cam

Top Pick Award

$83 List

Rundown Price

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Range: | Sling length: 4.6 inches

Each side of the cam can be stacked freely

Work in parallel and balance arrangements

Accessible in finger and hand sizes


Can be more hard to expel when stuck

Totem Cams are add up to distinct advantages with regards to help climbing. On account of a shrewd and extraordinary outline, you can stack only one side of the camming unit, connecting just two projections at once. This makes a significantly more grounded, more dependable body weight situations in flares or openings excessively shallow, making it impossible to get each of the four projections in. Since each side of the cam is freely stacked, each size can basically work like a counterbalance. They have smaller heads than the Camalots, and a more adaptable stem, making them super viable at holding in level and shallow arrangements. While they get a honor for their guide climbing ability, we wouldn't dither to bring them free climbing since they can secure pockets and openings superior to some other cam.

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Examination and Test Results

There are a few organizations out there making top notch spring-stacked camming gadgets or SLCDs, (most climbers simply call them cams). All the climbing cams in our audit do their primary occupation well. Whenever set well in aircraft stone, they will hold a fall, likely sparing your life. Each brand has put a huge number of long stretches of outlining and testing to ensure these cams are as dependable as would be prudent, and every one of the producers have a quality control fixation. Deliberate reviews are normal in light of the fact that each brand remains behind their items and needs our certainty. Careful innovative work directed by Black Diamond, Metolius, DMM, Totem, Fixe Hardware, and Wild Country gives us a tremendous armory of rigging to enable us to remain safe out there, and for that we are appreciative! Presently on to the nitpicking.

Indian Creek! The red desert where dreams work out as expected... be that as it may, not without an immense rack of cams.

Indian Creek! The red desert where dreams work out as expected... be that as it may, not without an immense rack of cams.

Our audit incorporates two principle styles of camming gadgets. Initially, we have the more inflexible conventional cam plans from Black Diamond, Wild Country, and DMM. The Black Diamond C4, Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight, DMM Dragon Cam and the Wild Country Friend fall into this class. These cams for the most part highlight a twofold hub plan that offers a more extensive territory than single pivot cams. The flaps are generally thick to scatter vitality over a more considerable segment of the stone and increment holding power. The heads on this style of cam are wide and stable and are less inclined to strolling than smaller cams. Their stems are sufficiently adaptable to twist toward a descending force when set in a flat split, yet they tend to lever out of shallow, vertical position.

The other style in our audit is the little camming gadget. The Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution, Metolius Ultralight Master Cam, and the Black Diamond X4 are altogether tight headed, adaptable stemmed cams that twist effortlessly in a level and vertical introduction so they can hold in stick scars and shallow situations. They fit in a more extensive scope of arrangements than the customary style cams and are accessible in counterbalanced sizes to secure flared breaks and improve even utilization of stick scars. These cams aren't as sturdy as the customary style cams, and their minor parts make them harder to repair, however the Metolius Ultralight Master Cams are truly stout.

Conveying heaps of cams can truly overload you particularly huge cams for ensuring offwidths.

Conveying heaps of cams can truly overload you, particularly enormous cams for ensuring offwidths.


Light is appropriate for most climbers, regardless of whether it implies a lighter knapsack on the methodology, a lighter pull sack on the divider, or simply less weight on your tackle. The first Friends and inflexible stem cams from Chouinard Equipment were overwhelming and solid. The present cam makers are in steady rivalry to make their item lighter while holding power (around 12KN for the majority of the bigger sizes).

Looking at the heaviness of each line of cams is a dubious endeavor. Dark Diamond C4s come in sizes sufficiently huge to ensure splits more than seven inches wide. Contrasting these with a line of finger estimate just cams like the Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution won't result in any valuable information when comes to choosing what cams to purchase. Moreover, cams with a more huge range can secure more sizes with less cams. Metolius Ultralight Master Cams cover a similar size range with seven cams that Black Diamond Ultralights do with six. One next to the other, the Master Cams are lighter, yet the BDs can ensure more sizes with less cams. In case you're free moving at your breaking point, you'll most likely be content with more cams; in case you're cruising simple elevated trips, you'll need to run lighter with less cams.

The lightest cams in our audit are the Metolius Ultralight Master Cams; the total rack from miniaturized scale cams to huge hands weighs 26.7oz (759g). From the evacuation of the thumb circle to gaps in the aluminum triggers, Metolius has made a special effort to mak the Mastercams as light as could be expected under the circumstances. Directly behind the Master Cam is the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight, covering fingers to clench hand with seven cams, weighing 29.7oz (843g). Lightweight accompanies an overwhelming sticker price, however people will fork over the batter when the vibe the huge weight reserve funds on their saddle. The Wild Country Friends are lighter than the Black Diamond Camalots, and the DMM Dragon Cams are the heaviest at 41.2oz (1169g). The Dragons offer some weight investment funds because of their extendable slings, conceivably empowering you to convey less quickdraws.

Among the finger measure "Outsider" style cams, the Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution are only a couple of grams heavier than a similar size keep running of Master Cams. Next comes the Black Diamond X4s weighing just a half ounce not as much as a comparative size keep running of Totem Cams. Half ounces may appear dwelling on petty distinctions, yet weight reserve funds include in case you're conveying various sets.

The contrasts between the scopes of various brands can be inconspicuous. A number 2 companion (left) can ensure splits a couple of millimeters littler than the number 2 Camalot

The contrasts between the scopes of various brands can be inconspicuous. A number 2 companion (left) can ensure splits a couple of millimeters littler than the number 2 Camalot


We scored our range metric in view of the scope of the individual cams and the scope of sizes accessible from each brand. The reasonable champ with regards to run is the Black Diamond Camalot. Their twofold hub configuration takes into account bigger flaps to be contracted littler, giving them a more prominent range. The Wild Country Friends, Black Diamond Camalot Ultralights, and the DMM Dragon Cams all offer the twofold lager outline, yet the Camalots are accessible in the most sizes (10), shielding breaks from tips to offwidths. This implies with Camalots, you'll be utilizing one well-known shading plan to ensure relatively every estimated break, making choosing the right cam significantly less demanding.

Cams accessible in counterbalance sizes like the Metolius Ultralight Master Cam, the Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution, and the Black Diamond X4 all got an additional point in the range metric, however balances are regularly valuable in territories with stick scars like Yosemite and Zion. Totem Cams scored well in this metric. Their elongated molded flaps and capacity to hold in parallel and flared splits give them brilliant range.

Flat Cracks

Back in the times of yore, climbers needed to tie off their unbending stem cams to keep the come from stacking over an edge and breaking while in a level split. Today, every one of the cams are outlined with stems sufficiently adaptable to flex in a level situation toward the course of force. The more adaptable the stem, the better a cam will hold in a flat, and the more improbable it is to end up for all time bowed and unusable.

Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions play out the best in horizontals as a result of their adaptable stems and discretionary extendable sling. The extendable sling permits you the choice to expand the clasp in point over an edge. This is imperative in more profound level positions where the carabiner could be stacked on an edge, making the Aliens more secure and more certainty rousing in this sort of situation. Behind the Aliens comes the somewhat less adaptable Black Diamond X4s, trailed by the Metolius Ultralight Master Cams and the Totem Cams.

The bigger hand measured cams that ended up as the winner in this metric additionally have an extendable sling. The DMM Dragons have the longest sling, trailed by the Wild Country Friends. The Black Diamond Camalots and the Ultralight Camalots will twist in a level situation, however they don't have the extendable sling alternative.

Each of these purps (and a red and an orange) will secure about the equivalent measured finger split however just the adaptable stemmed cams (base 4) will ensure shallow units and stick scars.

Each of these purps (and a red and an orange) will secure about the equivalent estimated finger break, however just the adaptable stemmed cams (base 4) will ensure shallow units and stick scars.

Tight Placements

Cams with littler, smaller heads jars fit in littler, more tightly positions. Once more, the Fixe Aliens dominate the competition here, with tightest heads and the dark small scale estimate, securing breaks as thin as .33inches (8 mm). As far as help climbing, conveying a rack of Aliens can mean the contrast between depending on body weight just snare position and having the capacity to leave a cam as plane security.. The second tightest cams are the flexible Totems, our Top Pick For Aid Climbing.

The Black Diamond X4s are the third most tight in the line-up and merit an exceptional specify for their range, accomplished with a twofold hub plan in the finger sizes, and stacked axles in the miniaturized scale sizes. Metolius Ultralight Master cams aren't the most restricted in the finger sizes, yet they do demolish the Black Diamond Camalots, DMM Dragon Cams, and Wild Country Friends in the hand sizes. The Totem Cams are accessible in hands and tight hands sizes and fit into exceptional gaps and units where other hand estimated cams are too wide to fit.

The cams put in the corner have been reached out with slings to avert strolling and to decrease rope drag. Wild Country Friends DMM Dragon Cams and Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions all accompany an inherent extendable sling.

The cams set in the corner have been stretched out with slings to forestall strolling and to diminish rope drag. Wild Country Friends, DMM Dragon Cams, and Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions all accompany an inherent extendable sling.


Cam strolling can be an issue on longer, meandering pitches, or courses with rooftops. The rope may maneuver the cam into a position where the cam in unretrievable, or surprisingly more dreadful, it could move into a position where it can't viably hold a fall. You can simply nullify this issue via conveying high draws and broadening the situation when essential.

Cams with an extendable sling conveyed strolled the minimum. The DMM Dragon Cam has the longest extendable sling, and with a little practice, is simple for the second to re-rack in a hurry, inasmuch as they generally pull on the bar-attached segment of the sling so the sling will slide through the thumb piece. This improves things greatly toward the finish of a long pitch, where rope drag can disable your free climbing ability. With a rack of Dragons, it could have the effect among sending and thrashing. Wild Country Friends likewise highlight an extendable sling, however it's somewhat shorter than the sling on the Dragon. The Dragon's extraordinary thumbpiece shields the sling from losing quality when expanded, while the Friend endures quality loss of 2KN when the sling is broadened, however it's as yet an exceptionally solid 10KN. Dark Diamond Camalots and Ultralights are wide and stable, yet you'll have to expand them with an extra sling in case you're worried about strolling.

An adaptable stem both vertical and on a level plane aides likewise keeps cams from squirming out of their unique positions. Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions do well in this metric, as do the Black Diamond X4s. Totem Cams are adaptable and aren't particularly inclined to strolling, yet our analyzers found that they were hard to evacuate on the off chance that they squirmed into an over cammed position because of the state of their projections.

Each of these purps (and a red and an orange) will secure about the equivalent measured finger split however just the adaptable stemmed cams (base 4) will ensure shallow cases and stick scars.

Each of these purps (and a red and an orange) will ensure about the equivalent measured finger split, however just the adaptable stemmed cams (base 4) will secure shallow cases and stick scars.


Contingent upon how you climb, your cams will take a genuine beating. Help Climbers are particularly hard on cams, bob testing cams in negligible arrangements and stacking them in unbalanced positions. This can make the stems turn out to be forever twisted and trigger wires to fra or even break. While our analyzers aren't effectively attempting to obliterate these cams, they were vigilant for any potential toughness issues.

The Black Diamond Camalots are the most bombproof strong cams out there. A portion of our analyzers have been utilizing their Camalots for over 10 years. The main solidness concerns we have with these cams is the nylon sling, which ought to be supplanted following five years. The trigger wires can shred and break, yet they are generally simple to supplant, and you can purchase new trigger wires from Black Diamond. Metolius Ultralight Master Cams are likewise strong, yet you need to send them back to Metolius when their kevlar trigger wires destroy. The DMM Dragon Cams and the Wild Country Friends are sturdy like Camalots, however have a lighter Dyneema sling that should be supplanted more regularly than nylon.

Littler measured climbing cams are by and large not so much sturdy but rather more hard to repair. The Fixe Hardware Alien Revolution have delicate aluminum projections that nibble in the stone and grasp well however wind up adjusted and separate quicker than the harder Metolius and Black Diamond cams. Totem Cams have trigger wires that fold over the outside of the center cam flaps, making them helpless against scraped spot. Supplanting the trigger wires on these cams seems as though it would be quite testing.

Help moving in Yosemite is the place it's at! You'll require balance cams or Totem Cams to ensure the stick scars.

Help moving in Yosemite is the place it's at! You'll require balance cams or Totem Cams to ensure the stick scars.

Help Climbing

Help climbing tests your tirelessness, your nerve, and your inventiveness. When you simply don't have the firearms to pleat and stick your way up El Cap, you need to build your way up the divider with the devices you have before you. We jump at the chance to help move with cams that have a thumb circle, giving us additional creeps for best venturing and a lot of space to cut our daisies, stepping stools, and so on.

The Totem Cams are our most loved cams for help moving by far. They're similar to the Swiss armed force blade of cams! Totems have two plastic stems that participate in the center, enabling you to stack two projections at any given moment for all the more holding force in shallow, body weight arrangements, or you can stack the two sides similarly like a general cam. Since the two sides work freely, every totem estimate basically works like a counterbalance when you have to secure flaring splits. Also, their smaller heads fit in a greater number of arrangements than conventional style cams, and their adaptable stems make them extraordinary for stick scars and shallow vertical situations.

The tight headed Fixe Alien Revolutions are additionally an incredible decision for help climbing. Their stems are exceptionally adaptable, they have a thumb circle, and are accessible in counterbalanced sizes. The Black Diamond X4s are likewise decent for help climbing, particularly in the event that you are as of now acquainted with the Black Diamond measure/shading plan.

The Metolius Ultralight Master Cams and the DMM Dragon Cams are both extreme enough to confront the maltreatment of help climbing, yet they need thumb circles and our analyzers consistently concur that cams with thumb circles like the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralights and the Wild Country Friends are better for help climbing.

Our analyzers favored cams with thumb circles with the expectation of complimentary climbing like the Wild Country Friends and the Black Diamond X4s.

Our analyzers favored cams with thumb circles with the expectation of complimentary climbing like the Wild Country Friends and the Black Diamond X4s.

Free Climbing

We as a whole know the sentiment of endeavoring to choose the right estimated cam from our tackle and place it while our lower arms are consuming, our legs are shaking and taking a gander at a conceivably long fall. With the expectation of complimentary climbing, cams should be anything but difficult to recognize, get, draw in the trigger, and place. Once more, a large portion of our analyzers lean toward a cam with a thumb circle when they are moving at their total point of confinement. A fairly inflexible stem likewise can make cams less demanding to put on the fly, as now and then you can simply push them in a break without drawing in the triggers. With a floppier cam, you generally need to draw in the trigger wires.

Dark Diamond Camalot Ultralights is our most loved cams with the expectation of complimentary climbing. They are lightweight, simple to get, hold in your mouth, and simple to put. For unadulterated split climbing, they can't be beat. They are the simplest cam to put when you're pumped. Their light weight has a major effect on those Indian Creek splitters where you may end up conveying 10 ten of the equivalent measured piece. Not far behind are the Wild Country Friends and the Black Diamond Camalots, which have a fundamentally the same as feel and configuration, yet are heavier.

The Black Diamond X4s are our most loved of the little cams with the expectation of complimentary climbing on account of the ergonomic thumb circle. Here and there the best cam with the expectation of complimentary climbing is the one that secures the best and feels the most secure, so we wouldn't dither to free move with Totem Cams or Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions when free moving in territories with stick scars. Totem Cams where composed in Spain with the aim of securing limestone pockets.


Obtaining a full arrangement of any of these cams is a major money related speculation. These things ain't shabby, yet in the event that you figure out how to utilize them effectively, they can enable you to get to excellent areas on the sides of taking off bluffs. Keep them clean, lubed, and review them regularly for harm, and you'll have these trusty gadgets next to you to get you stuck in an unfortunate situation for some undertakings to come, be they hard redpoints at the nearby bluff, joyful scrambles in the mountains, or multi-day trips up El Cap.

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